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Earlier this year JC Penny announced that it had chosen popular Television personality, Ellen DeGeneres, as their new spokesperson.

What should have been a benign choice, she has a very family friendly image, has somehow managed to spark outrage. One Million Moms, a group of self described Christian conservatives, has protested this decision.

Fortunately, in a show of solidarity with Ellen, JC Penny decided not to give into pressure and continue with their plans to use her as their spokesperson.

One Million Moms is now threatening JC Penny with a boycott.

A representative of the group has issued the following statement.

By jumping on the pro-gay bandwagon, JC Penney is attempting to gain a new target market and in the process will lose customers with traditional values that have been faithful to them over all these years.

Ellen responded to the statement with a her own special brand of humor. (A Video of the response is featured below)

This organization doesn’t think that I should be the spokesperson because I’m gay. For those of you are just tuning in for the first time, it’s true. I’m gay. I hope you were sitting down.


Being gay or pro-gay isn’t a bandwagon. You don’t get a free ride anywhere. There’s no music. Occasionally, we’ll sing ‘We Are Family,’ but that’s about it.

Ellen has been getting a lot of support, even from very unlikely sources. When "Fox News contributer and One Million Moms supporter" Sandy Rios came on the O'Reilly Factor to back up the group, Bill O'Reilly condemned the organization's actions.

If you remember with the McCarthy era of the 1950s, they were trying to hunt down communist sympathizers and not let them work and put them on a blacklist… What is the difference between the McCarthy era communist blacklist in the ‘50s and the Million Moms saying, ‘Hey, J.C. Penney and all you other stores, don’t you hire any gay people. Don’t you dare.’ What is the difference?

It seems that this non-profit's actions have drastically backfired on them. Even the Million Moms Facebook page is saturated with negative feedback from folks who dislike their actions. The Page moderator(s) have gone so far as to claim that they are being persecuated by "Bigoted Minded Liberals."

Ellen ended her latest show with the following message to those who would discriminate against her and others like her.

I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated, and helping those in need. To me those are traditional values. That is what I stand for.


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