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GodlessLiberals.com began as a Los Angeles based Meetup group in September of 2009. Back then we were known as “The Godless Liberal Social Society”. Our first Meetup was a screening of Michael Moore’s “Capitalism - A Love Story” followed by coffee and conversation. We had a fantastic time!

If you’ll recall, back in 2009 it was easy to find liberal friends, but people were more reluctant to declare their disbelief in the ‘Great Bearded Sky Daddy’. Bonding with liberals who were also godless was so gratifying we decided to keep meeting up.

Godless Liberals of Los Angeles has grown to 600+ members. In addition to our activity on Meetup.com and GodlessLiberals.com, we’ve expanded our online community to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube and Pinterest. We also like to stir the pot and have drawn the attention of local LA News Stations twice. Once for our protest of “Cuss Free Week” and a second time for hosting a “Bring On The Rapture Karaoke Party”.

Some ask why we choose to name the group “Godless Liberals”. It sounds so… offensive, "they" say. Well, that’s exactly why we chose the name. The religious right sees godless liberals as untrustworthy heathens who lack a moral compass… at best. The most misguided are convinced we’re evil, blasphemous, Satan worshipping baby-eaters. Studies have shown atheists are one of the most disliked groups in America. According to Scientific American, “Only 45 percent would vote for a qualified atheist presidential candidate, and atheists are rated as the least desirable group for a potential son-in-law or daughter-in-law to belong to.” Another study sited in the same article found atheists as trustworthy as rapists!

Sure, we’re heathens and many godless liberals I’ve met enjoy a blasphemous sense of humor. Whether or not that’s a bad thing is another question. Most of us don’t care for perversions of the US legal system that force compliance with “religious morality”. We certainly don’t respect the right wing and their deceptive campaign to convince the 99% to vote for politicians who support only the 1%. That said, there’s much more to the typical godless liberal than these traits alone.

In our experience, godless liberals are (generally speaking) a good hearted lot. We understand the difference between right and wrong. We’re not good because we fear damnation in some make believe afterlife. We’re good because we’re endowed with this trait innately, then refine it through the application of reason and ethics. We’re good without gods. We care for all humans, not just those in our “in-group”. We embrace reason and reject superstition. We value education, science and express compassion for others. We’re inquisitive people who value evidence and dismiss magical thinking. We can't go so far to say all godless liberals we've met fit this description, but in our experience the vast majority do.

So, when people ask why we’ve chosen the name “Godless Liberals” for our group and website, we say… to correct the gross misrepresentation the general public has of the phrase by action and deed. So we liberals, good without god, can express ourselves freely in public without condemnation or fear of retribution.

Welcome to GodlessLiberals.com. A safe place to unapologetically celebrate progressive liberal politics and godlessness.


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