Saturday December 09, 2023

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Rick Perry's 'Strong' political ad is taking a beating on youtube. It’s got 463,368 dislikes... and counting.
That's more dislikes than Rebecca Black's hideous hit 'Friday' in only a few days.
Perry's camp has responded by disabling the comments section of the video.
Stephen Colbert took on Rick Perry’s ‘Strong’ ad with a hot, steamy Santa make out session last night.
Too damn funny! See below for video.
Parodies have been flying across the Internet fast and seem to be on course to reach memecop levels soon, so in addition to this knee slapper of a Colbert video, we decided to compile the top five Rick Perry ‘Strong’ video parodies for your enjoyment.
This, of course, is the top five… so far.
Please add any other hot ones we’ve missed in the comments section below.

Rick Perry's Pro-Christmas Ad from The Colbert Report:


Rick Perry (Weak) from

Jesus Responds To Rick Perry from MrsBettyBowers:

Jesus Responds to Rick Perry's "Strong" Ad from

Rick Perry - Weak, Man from TheSecondCityNetwork:

Rick Perry 'Strong' Parody from EmergencyCheese:

Strong (The Original) from a very weak Rick Perry:


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