Friday December 08, 2023

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Lt. John Pike is the jackass cop who casually pepper sprayed UC Davis students at point blank range as they sat in peaceful protest against school tuition hikes. His likeness started appearing on a day or two ago, morphed into a meme dubbed ‘macecop’ and has now spread across the Internet.
Find more macecop meme pix on the UC Davis facebook page, tumblr and or your favorite meme website online.
The incident took place on Friday, November 18th. Students orchestrated a peaceful protest to combat increased tuition hikes. When they refused to move, they were sprayed with mace. is the brain child of Angus Johnston, "a historian and advocate of American student organizing," has issued out a statement explaining exactly what happened during the protest, as well as clarifying some misconceptions that have surround the incident: 
Students did not restrict the movement of police at any time during the demonstration.
University of California Police are not authorized to use pepper spray except in circumstances in which it is necessary to prevent physical injury to themselves or others. 
Even after police began using unprovoked and unlawful violence against the students, they remained peaceful.
‘Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ by Georges Seurat
‘Declaration of Independence’ by John Trumbull


‘Christina's World’ by Andrew Wyeth






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