Monday July 06, 2015


Giving In to the Inevitable is Hard

  Several states, mostly the "red" states in the south, have been resisting implementing the June 26 SCOTUS decision to allow gay marriages in every state in the union. But now one...Read More
July 3rd 2015Views 654Comments 0Rating 0

Trump is Good at Offending Everyone

Some people just have the knack. Take for instance my cousin Louie. He has a knack for making subway riders nervous when he slips his hand into his jacket pocket. Maybe it's down to the fact...Read More
July 1st 2015Views 408Comments 0Rating 0

Another One Bites the Dust

In an astounding public display of misguided morality, or more likely a lack of good sense compounded by an egregious case of grandstanding, an Arkansas County Clerk has announced her intention to...Read More
June 30th 2015Views 805Comments 2Rating 0


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