Monday March 27, 2023



Why Evolution Is True

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"Coyne's knowledge of evolutionary biology is prodigious, his deployment of it as masterful as his touch is light." -Richard Dawkins 
In the current debate about creationism and intelligent design, there is an element of the controversy that is rarely mentioned-the evidence. Yet the proof of evolution by natural selection is vast, varied, and magnificent. In this succinct and accessible summary of the facts supporting the theory of natural selection, Jerry A. Coyne dispels common misunderstandings and fears about evolution and clearly confirms the scientific truth that supports this amazing process of change. Weaving together the many threads of modern work in genetics, paleontology, geology, molecular biology, and anatomy that demonstrate the "indelible stamp" of the processes first proposed by Darwin, Why Evolution Is True does not aim to prove creationism wrong. Rather, by using irrefutable evidence, it sets out to prove evolution right. 


Monday, 19 December 2011
If you are going to introduce the theory and evidence for evolution to a friend or stranger, you can do far worse than to place this book into that person's hands. Coyne does not compromise, but neither does he polemicize; the reality of evolution will not be lost in a soup of mere rhetoric. More to the point, Coyne is straightforward, readable, and often charming. This book may not be accessible to the youngest readers, to be sure, but any reasonably intelligent and well-read twelfth-grader should be able to keep up. And if an adult reader cannot follow this book, then that adult's problems run far deeper than anything you can repair with any single book.
Neal Stanifer

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