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Science is often chided in the public sphere for being too reductionist. Scientists are often accused of stripping the beauty out of life by removing the mystery from it.   This couldn't be further from the truth. I'm sure many would agree, the greater our understanding of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world, the more we can appreciate its splendor. 

This seems to be the underlying philosophy of Symphony of Science, "a musical project headed by John Boswell, designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form." This medium is perfect for relaying the message that knowledge is beautiful. Symphony of Science follows a specific yet successful formula. They take clips from prominent scientists explaining natural phenomena, set them to a soothing melody and  then interweave it with video clips of the natural world or the scientists themelves. The concept may seem simple, but what it offers is a chance to see the world through the eyes of a scientist. They are presented in their element: enthusiastic and awestruck at our earth and universe.

Their latest music video, titled The Story of Us: Children of Africa, follows this blueprint. The Story of Us focuses on our origins and the true events which led from our humble beginnings in Africa to our current exploration of space. The following are examples of some of audio clips featured in this video, including some crucial guidance from David Attenborough.

These beings with soaring imagination eventually flung themselves and their machines into interplanetary space.- Carolyn Porco

We are all children of Africa. This landscape has been home to humans two hundred thousand years. -Roberts

Everything that we are that distinguishes us from chimps emerges from that one percent difference in DNA.  -Neil deGrasse Tyson

Using his burgeoning intelligence, this most successful of all mammals has exploited the environment to produce food for an ever increasing population. Instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of the population, perhaps it's time we controlled the population to allow the survival of the environment. –David Attenborough



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