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The Daily Show was heavy on science last night! Stewart launched his comic tirade with the event that rocked the science world back in 2009… Climategate. Did you know a Koch Brothers funded climate skeptic just revealed that climate change is, in fact, real? Probably not since, as Stewart points out, the media isn’t covering the finding as insanely as the initial climate “scandal”… and when I say “isn’t covering the finding as insanely” I mean virtual main stream media blackout. Good job, MSM!
Stewart wrapped up his exploration of science in an interview with physicist and author, Lisa Randall, about her new book, Knocking on Heaven's Door: How Physics and Scientific Thinking Illuminate the Universe and the Modern World, where the two chat about the implications of scientific research in the modern world, why some people are unwilling to accept scientific findings and other topics.
I’ve saved the best for last. The comedic moment of the night came between these two bits. Aasif Mandvi's piece on Science was absolutely hilarious. If you’re a scientist or skeptically minded, you may laugh so hard a tear comes to your eye. Mandvi’s piece, Science – What’s It Up To?, contrasts the ridiculous anti-science beliefs of one Fox New's contributor to the real world of science and the result is nothing but spectacular.


MUST SEE, BEST BIT OF THE NIGHT: Science – What’s It Up To?


Weathering Fights


Interview with Lisa Randall




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