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In a 1972 paper published in American Biology Teacher, Evolutionary Biologist and Russian Orthodox Christian, Theodosius Dobzhansky, stated the following: "nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution." This declaration proves as true today as it did thirty-nine years ago. And, in light of the current American Culture Wars, this sentiment has been given new life.

Unfortunately, many Americans don't realize how pivotal the understanding of Evolutionary Theory is to solving problems, particularly in the area of health. Without a proper understanding of evolution, we would not be able to "stay one step ahead of pathogenic diseases," or understand "hereditary diseases in people," and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Despite the huge benefits to properly teaching evolution, many actively fight it or detract from it by encouraging the inclusion of baseless alternatives.

It seems that most of  the vitriol aimed at Evolutionary Theory has a basis in the huge misapprehension of what evolution is, as well as deep seated religious convictions. Now, these hindrances can be readily observed in a  Miss USA 2011 video gone viral, wherein contestants attempt to answer the question,  "should evolution be taught in schools?"

The video features contestant after contestant completely floundering on basic concepts. Many cannot  differentiate between a hypothesis and a theory. Many more continuously bring up religious contradictions. Of course, there are a few shining beacons of hope with more informed views.

In the wake of, what can aptly be called an embarrassment, a parody has emerged that draws much needed attention to, not only the pitiful responses by many of the Miss USA contestants, but also the ridiculous prompt that lead to their answers in the first place. This hilarious piece of satire is called:  "Should Math be taught in School," and it is well worth the watch.  Below are a few comparisons between real and parody contestant answers.

"Evolution? No, I do not believe in evolution; I do not think it should be taught in schools, and I would not encourage it."-Real Miss. Alabama

"I do not believe in math, and I do not think we should encourage it."-  Parody Miss Alabama

"I think it's good to provide our students with both sides of the story and letting students decide for themselves"- Real Miss Arizona

"Children have the right to learn anything they want to learn, alchemy, scientology, gymnastics…mixing drinks."- Parody Miss Arizona

"We do know that evolution exists even on a small scale, like with people, and bacteria that are becoming resistant to drugs..." – Miss Vermont

"Yes, it's math. I'm sorry, is this joke?" – Parody Miss Vermont.

Look out for these and other hysterical comparisons by watching both videos featured below!


Should Math Be Taught In School?

Should Evolution Be Taught In School?


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