Monday March 20, 2023


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According to RightWingWatch, the Religious Right are mobilizing! They aren't
satisfied with their role in American politics... and feel it must be

THEY WILL FORM THE 300! A coalition of hot, steamy man on man... no, no,
no... I mean they will not allow us to prance upon their liberties... wait,
no that's not it... they will playfully taunt us with cries of "molon labe"
(come and get them) and when we come the loincloth wearing religious right
will oil wrestle us to the ground until we submit... WTF?

The Spartans, really... lol. Right wing christian radicals want to emulate a
highly efficient, super effective, homoerotic, man on man sex loving army?
Does the religious right really want to make that comparison???



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