Saturday December 09, 2023


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by P. David Gardner

In what some might feel is a master stroke of remote medical and/or religious diagnosis, evangelist Pat Robertson today proclaimed that a woman, who is an Atheist, must have been raped or possessed by the devil because, of course, no one would actually CHOOSE to be an Atheist, now would they?

According to this article on Alternet, a 700 Club member called in for advice on how to handle her Atheist co-worker. Should I continue proselytizing or give up and let her perish? the woman asked the sage.

"I don't know if you're dealing with something that is demonic or something that is deeply ingrained," Robertson solemnly speculated. "It's something beyond normal human experience. Something has happened and she associates god ... maybe she had an abusive father, somebody who raped her and then acted like he was preaching to her from the bible. You never know what is going on in somebody's childhood."

Robertson then advised her to remain understanding, be loving, and not try to push anything on her. And, of course, above all, pray for her.

P. David Gardner is a long time writer and reporter, as well as a graphic designer and photographer. And he creates terrific web sites too. For more details, see

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