Sunday April 02, 2023


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We godless liberals criticize the negative behavior and ideology associated with religion. We point out the consequences of belief. While we are often outraged, we state our case with logic, reason... and of course humor.

The protesters in this video are also critical of religion, but clearly not godless liberals. The fear based, xenophobic, bigoted, "my religion is better than your religion" hate filled rhetoric demonstrated in this video is revolting.

On Sunday, ICNA Relief (an American Muslim relief organization) held a dinner in Yorba Linda, CA to raise money for US based women's shelters and the homeless. A few hundred protesters showed up, harassing those attending as they walked to and from the event. Elected officials also attended and spoke at the protest.

According to an article in the OC Register, you could argue intolerance on both sides. One of the key note speakers, Amir Abdel Malik Ali, has stated he supports Hezbollah. There appears to be plenty of hate to spread around. The issue is obviously more complicated than a few paragraphs here can adequately describe.

How would you define the difference between godless liberals and the protesters found in this video?




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