Monday March 20, 2023


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Did you catch 60 Minutes last night? Steve Kroft profiled Christopher

Hitch is suffering from stage 4 esophageal cancer, to which Hitchens' points
out, "there is no stage 5"

"I'm a member of a cancer elite. I rather look down on people with lesser
cancers." ~ Christopher Hitchens

While stage 4 esophageal cancer offers only a 5% recovery rate, perhaps
Hitchens' great intellect will help to increase the odds. I'm looking
forward to an esophageal cancer Hitchslap!

The Godless Liberal Social Society (Los Angeles) had the good fortune to
catch Christopher Hitchens in LA on Feb 15th. He appeared with Sam Harris in
a debate against Rabbi's Wolpe and Artson titled "Is there an Afterlife?"



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