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by P. David Gardner

Looks like the Donald bit off just a bit more than he can chew ...

Continuing to hammer at those pesky rapist Mexicans, Trump posted his 140-character or less opinion to Twitter on a Mexican drug lord's recent escape from a Mexican prison.

"El Chapo and the Mexican drug cartels use the border unimpeded like it was a  vacuum cleaner," Trump tweeted gleefully, "sucking drugs and death right into the U.S."

Trump made another tweet a few hours later upped the ante:

"The joke around town is that I freed El Chapo from the Mexican prison because the timing was so good w/ my statements on border security," the Trumpster tweeted.

Trump's postings were meant to bolster his opinions on Mexicans, but had one of those "unforseen consequences." El Chapo (or one of his minions, or really anyone in the world who owns or hacked the Twitter account) saw Trump's tweets and handed down a reply heard 'round the world. Translated roughly from Spanish, the tweet read:

"Keep fucking around and I'm gonna make you swallow your fucking words...”

Trump immediately tucked tail and ran to the FBI, asking them for protection.

You know that saying, Donald: "If you can't stand the heat ..."

P. David Gardner is a long time writer and reporter, as well as a graphic designer and photographer. And he creates terrific web sites too. For more details, see pauldavidgarder.com.

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