Saturday December 09, 2023


The Ugly Face of Religious Bigotry

The stubborn persistence of religious bigots never ceases to amaze me. A county clerk in Kentucky continues to defy court orders to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, citing her belief that an imaginary being's laws trump the laws of the land where she was elected to perform her duties. A martyr or a misguided bigot? You decide.

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Republican Party's Racist Roots Exposed

The Republican Party has a huge public relations problem on its hands. But it's one of their own making, and the problem threatens to completely obliterate the Party if it cannot find its way out of the muck and mire that it has so heartily embraced even to this day. The problem? It's the Republican Party's under-the-table yet quite apparent open acceptance and promotion of racism.

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Vote Republican to Ensure Less Freedom than Ever

If you can find anyone foolish enough to take the bet, it's no doubt that you could make big money by betting on what most any Republican candidate will stand for. And now Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has assured voters that he will do everything in his power to allow the NSA to spy even more on you and me.

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