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Supreme Court Rules on "God Hates Fags" Church
Written by Xenu   
Thursday, 03 March 2011 16:46



If there is evil in the world, it is the Westboro Baptist Church. That said, in a free society, evil has the right to free speech.



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+1 #5 Alex Leon 2011-03-09 13:44
Quoting Luk Dragyn:
Whether god is real or not isn't up for debate, you believe whatever you want to believe, but the idea itself is not evil, it's the people behind it.

Exactly. I have faith in a "higher consciousness", but that is my own belief. Let people decide and believe what they want. Just don't allow it trample over human rights, and don't confuse religious doctrine for societal laws. As for evil not existing without a presense of "god", I have to disagree with that. There have been many people throughout history that have commited aweful acts just because they could or for personal gain. Sure, religion has caused a lot of problems. But at the heart of it has been the humans themselves commiting the acts. Not all beliefs of a deity result in heinous crimes. Judge the person who commited the act, not the faith. Faith cannot force anyone to do anything. It is always people who decide to do something. And don't judge all faiths the same.
+2 #4 Luk Dragyn 2011-03-08 13:58
God is not evil. Many of those who follow his words are. The idea of god-whether myth or fact, I'm not here to argue this-but I have many religious friends who are not hateful, violent, nor do they project their ideals or beliefs on others. Whether god is real or not isn't up for debate, you believe whatever you want to believe, but the idea itself is not evil, it's the people behind it.
0 #3 erroneus george 2011-03-07 12:11
Ah yes, good ol' "Both sides" haha.

I enjoy reading your nonsense, and then thinking, what did his mom smoke with him in the womb to cause such ignorance and contradictory beliefs.

You researched trolling skills 101, but you studied the '07 version which does not award nearly as many internet points as the '11 version does.

Your logic is showing...and it is tiny.
+2 #2 Kelly 2011-03-06 21:47
:D With out God there is no Evil.

I couldn't agree more. That's why I choose not to embrace the myth of "god" God is fucking evil.

YES morality TRUE morality only exists without god.

So Why do we NEED or want someone or thing to say what is evil or not??? Who cares what your imaginary friend says?
-1 #1 bothsides 2011-03-05 08:52
Without God, there is no evil. Morality exists only in the mind of an individual without God. With the God of the bible, both homosexuals and churches that hate are both evil. Without God, who is to say what is evil or not. Webster ..a : morally reprehensible : sinful, wicked b : arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct

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