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Peanut Butter Disproves The Theory Of Evolution!
Written by Frank Minero   
Sunday, 04 December 2011 13:58

According to this excerpt from an IMBd double starred 90's Christian documentary titled, "A Question of Origins", peanut butter disproves the theory of evolution!

As Carl Sagan would say, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence," so the film calls on Chuck Missler, Engineer & Author, to provide the evidence.

According to Mr. Missler, "If the theory of evolution is viable, then I should, occasionally, by subjecting this [jar of peanut butter] to energy, end up having new life now we go down to the store and if I open this jar of peanut butter, maybe not often, but on some occassion, I should find new life inside."

Well, Mr. Missler, that's quite an extraordinary explanation. Thank you... lol.

Here's the clip;




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+1 #5 TaVe 2011-12-16 12:51
actually... life took about 10billion years to form- starting with the formations and explosions of stars forming elements and releasing them in various random ways. Some parts that helped developed life may have developed outside of earth (some thing the origin of DNA/RNA may have been on meteors that hit earth).
+1 #4 Scott 2011-12-06 05:12
Perhaps if we left jars on the shelf for a million years or more we'd have life. In that case, my local convience store should be teeming with it!

But seriously, he seems to not understand the canning process, nor does he seem to know that bacteria are too small to be seen unaided. I hope he chokes on peanut butter.
+1 #3 Geoffrey Bush 2011-12-05 21:42
Someone forgot to tell him it could take 4-5 billion years to begin new life from something like peanut butter. We don't really know how long it takes for random bio-genesis. Tell him to keep holding his peanut butter.
+1 #2 richard kurdt 2011-12-05 16:33
The theory of evolution maintains that everything ascends. Christians are uncomfortable with that idea because they don't understand what they're reading, they take the bible literally.
0 #1 Kobra Kid 2011-12-05 13:40
WAT. :o

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