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Pastor Popoff Magically Solves Your Debt Problems!
Written by Xenu   
Wednesday, 02 March 2011 15:42


Peter Popoff is at it again! He's swindling those in debt out of their last
few dollars with the promise... God will provide. What a scumbag!

The Amazing Randi exposed Peter Popoff as a fraud on the Johnny Carson show
back in 1986, so why did Popoff make $23.5 million in 2005?




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+1 #6 Cecilia 2013-03-10 21:09
What about all those people that testify to receiving that miracle money at the exact time and in the exact amount he said they would? They can't all be lying. Or is he simply taking their requests in their correspondence and sending them their "I don't know where it came from" money? If they pay by check he has their bank account #. He could just be depositing it. Just questions.
0 #5 ollie 2013-03-07 09:50
:-* :oops: i almost falled for him im holding 22.00 dollars to send peter and something was holding me back until i watch this now im glad i didnt send no money.thanks
0 #4 Ashley 2012-12-13 10:47
I just received the letter begging for $35.00("even if we have to borrow it & I am SICKENED! He should be in PRISON! Where he found the BALLS to beg so DISGUSTINGLY for MONEY while quoting the Bible is PATHETIC! NO WONDER SO MANY HAVE LOST THEIR FAITH! With criminals like him spending untold amounts of money sending letters... Dear Popoff, I am the one who just wrote my check to pay MY mortgage. WE WORK. I don't send DOOMS DAY letters in bulk BEGGING for $35.00 as you ONLY need $350K to WHAT? PERHAPS YOU SHOULD TRY A JOB (Look up what that is as your a scumbag con)! I want to thank you for being such a SCUMBAG as I will roll past St. Peter! I have NEVER attempted to steal. Your last name is so very appropriate! PLEASE POP OFF OR GO POP YOURSELF! There is a HOT place in hell for those who prey upon others faith or circumstances for PERSONAL financial gain. AKA, "Partner" P.S. SCUM, DON'T TRY TO PRETEND TO BE AN ACTUAL MAN OF THE CLOTH, $$$ is what makes you tick.That's IT!
+1 #3 MyMelody 2011-10-26 13:34
This person is a notorious con-man, who has been swindling people out of there money for years. I'm sorry to you both Crystal and Jessica. *hug*. This man is awful for taking advantage of people in bad situations. :sad:
-1 #2 Crystal Murphy 2011-10-26 13:22
I've sent Peter Popoff money from 2007 to 2011. Is he a crook? Yes. Am I stupid?Yes. He promises all of these dates and blessings and nothing will happen. He told me that I was cursed and he needed to bind the devil that could happen if i sent in $46.00. He said the same thing months earlier. I said to my self I thought you alresdy binded the devil. He said I would see a monthly increase and I did, when I stopped sending him money.
-1 #1 Jessica Martinez 2011-05-31 14:35
:sad: Im very depressed and sad because ive recieved letters from you giving me directions on what to do and how to do it.And u told me to send u money but in the situation that im in i wasint able to.But since that last letter i never recieved anything from you anymore not even a letterfrom you. I wrote you a letter i asssumed u recieved it by now and ive been looking in my mail box for a letter back from you and i havent recieved any thing. I'ts very depressing and u said u wpould help me and my family out and bless us but nothings changed and im now in a worse situation than ever before. please i need your help please email me back asap love you jessica marie martinez

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