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Norwegian Muslims want Beheading for Failure to Observe Fast in Islamic School
Written by Xenu   
Monday, 16 May 2011 16:42


What a kind, loving display. Are all Imams’ so sweet? Can you hear the conversation? The one between the school principal and the mother of a disobedient child? I imagine it would go something like this;

PRINCIPAL: I’m sorry Mrs. Matar, but your little Suzy was caught in class with a Snickers bar.

MOTHER: Where is my little Suzy, bring her to me. Suzy… Suzy… (sobbing)

PRINCIPAL: Her Teacher, Mr. Abad, caught her red handed. She was sitting at her desk, holding the candy. When Mr. Abad asked her to hand it over she took a bite.

MOTHER: I do not believe this!

PRINCIPAL: It’s true. He even warned her about breaking the fast, the dishonor she would do to Allah and the punishment for such an evil deed.

MOTHER: I see. I am sorry. I should have never questioned you as you are a Man and wise beyond my ability to understand.

PRINCIPAL: Here is your little Suzy. Now take her home… be gone. Take this, her bike bag, her cell phone… and here is Suzy and her head is in this bag over here.

MOTHER: (sobbing)

PRINCIPAL: Oh, by the way. Mrs. Matar? I don’t see your husband or a male guardian has visited with you today.

MOTHER: No, I was told the situation was serious and I rushed right over.

PRINCIPAL: I’m sorry, Mrs. Matar, but it is a sin for you to walk unchaperoned and we will have give you 300 lashes now.

Disclaimer: The written exchange above is intended as comedy, a satire of absurd fundamentalist Muslim beliefs. Not all Muslims, but the beliefs held by a limited segment of the Muslim community. Our satire of other faiths is much more frequent and often more severe, so... please, lighten up, Francis.





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0 #11 palendromegirl 2011-05-21 01:17
Unequal opportunities in the education of women in the Muslim world will forever brand its victims with an eternal fear of the unknown.
Tragically, this fear has become an innate and necessary survival skill, now handed down from mother to daughter.
And although, there is an incredible separation between believers and non-believers, especially in terms of our views on Islamic world, I hope that the women who are wise enough to recognize the pain & suffering inflicted on women in these cultures; will take action to help these Muslim women in small ways, whenever possible.
I highly recommend the book, Half The Sky:Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women World Wide.
The book not only shed light in to the issue that religion plays in oppressing women worldwide; it clearly illustrates the small ways that we can help these women to help themselves and ease their suffering.
0 #10 palendromegirl 2011-05-21 00:50
Great piece. Of particular interest is that it certainly seems to play as a satire from our point of view as modern Americans. Yet, the Catch 22 that the mother finds herself in, is something that isn't so far fetched from the situations that many women in the Muslim world have to conquer.
Even in the USA, the laws which kill womens' freedom of choice and basic survival , can commonly be attributed to laws rooted in religion. (ie The Mormon Community)
Whenever there is a lack of equality between the sexes, it inevitably leads to a lack of educational opportunity for women and all of the problems that go along with it such as: increased poverty and disease among women, denying them access to medical care, being sold in to the sex trade, arranged childhood marriages and honor killings.
0 #9 MyMelody 2011-05-17 11:12
Will, because that is a Muslim in England by the looks of it.
+2 #8 Miguel 2011-05-17 10:44
Don't let women bashers and 'relidiots' rule Europe!!!!!
+1 #7 MyMelody 2011-05-17 09:39
Andrew, the news story is true, from what we could gather, the disclaimer refers only to the written portion. Fixing that to prevent further confusion.
-2 #6 Andrew Breslin 2011-05-17 08:50
Is this story supposed to be a satire or not? It's entirely unclear if that disclaimer refers only to the conversation at the end or the story itself. If the story itself is supposed to be satire, it's the worst satire I have ever seen, because it's not actually the least bit funny or satiric and is entirely plausible. But, just because it's plausible, that doesn't mean it's true, and it is being widely circulated as a true example of Islamic extremism. There are plenty of genuine examples of Islamic extremism. Critics need not make shit up and disseminate lies as truth like the Tea party routinely does. Please confirm whether or not this is a genuine story. Thanks.
-1 #5 Larry 2011-05-17 06:39
Would have been great had you left the disclaimer off.
0 #4 Will 2011-05-17 06:35
Why is a Muslim in Norway holding a sign in English?
0 #3 Dan Brown 2011-05-16 20:52
@Allen... The government shouldn't have to take him out. If you don't like his attitude kill him. That is what they would do.
+2 #2 Melissa 2011-05-16 19:54
They would kill us all in our sleep if they could!

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