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Irish Abandoning Catholicism?
Written by MyMelody   
Thursday, 30 June 2011 13:19

Poe's law states that "parodies of religious extremism are indistinguishable from instances of sincere extremism."

And Catholic Activist, Michael Voris, seems to embody this concept exactly. After all, this is the same man who insists that " Western Civilization would be better off if  it was a Catholic Monarchy." He sees it as an alternative to "Dictatorship of Relativism" that he believes has overtaken the world.

Even his biography is riddled with such over the top diction, that it isn't too difficult to imagine that it's the work of a clever satirist.

At 47, president and founder Michael Voris is among the generations of Catholics which simply didn’t receive thorough and accurate catechesis. His searching blue eyes reveal an intense desire to change that.

But, from what we can gather, this guy is the real deal. Voris gained notoriety as the host of an online Catholic News Program entitled The Vortex  on Real Catholic TV, where "lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed." His latest show found him in Ireland (video below): a country widely known for its strong Catholic roots. Ireland recently gained international attention after the adoption of a Blasphemy Law. Fortunately, for proponents of free-speech, it has "been proven to be largely irrelevant and unenforceable."

Despite Ireland's Catholic History, Voris, much to his dismay, discovers that Dublin posseses an abundance of irreligiosity.  Many of the people he interviews claim they don't believe in god, have a less traditional outlook on religion or only go to Mass to appease older relatives. Of all the people he interviews  in Dublin, he finds that "only one said they still go to mass because they believe."

Also, in a strange attempt at  logical acrobatics, Voris seems to try to connect homosexuality to the rising secularism, as public support for the Gay Rights Movement  is very prominent in the Capitol: "What's also notable is the visible presense of the homosexual rights movement…stickers all over the ground promoting sodomy as a right"

To Voris's disappointment, but much to our enjoyment  here at godlessliberals.com, he ends his segment by lamenting on the decline of religion in Ireland:

 What was present here in Ireland… for 1,500 has been totally nearly destroyed in less than 40. B y the time the next generation arrives on the scene, it seems the faith will be extinct on the Island of Saint Patrick.



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0 #2 Mazer 2011-08-07 21:52
"Of all the people he interviews in Dublin, he finds that "only one said they still go to mass because they believe.""

## That's good for the Church, not immediately, but in the long run. Why be nominally Catholic, if one thinks it is all rot ? Going to Church for appearances' sake is pointless. People should not be made to go if they don't believe. That boy at 5.20 has the right idea. It seems a lot of people want to find out things for themselves - that is far better than having a merely second-hand religion.

MV is wrong about homosexuality, but bang on about the Church being in meltdown - to ignore the mess is suicidal.

It's a very funny video :) - thanks for putting it up.
+4 #1 Tony 2011-06-30 19:13
This is the best news ever. I couldn't help but notice that no mention was made of the Christian/Catholic turmoil that ravaged that country for years or all the young Irish children who were molested by Catholic priests. I would have liked to reach inside the screen and slap that reporter when he mentions "oh but you can see stickers about gay pride everywhere" BASTARD !

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