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Indoctrination: Train Up A Child
Written by Xenu   
Monday, 16 May 2011 16:08

The Thinking Atheist shares the indoctrination experiences of Chris, Andrea, Matt and Dell.

 “Get them while they're young. This is the unspoken (and not so unspoken) mission of churches everywhere. They understand how critical it is to gain converts before they become adults...before they're exposed to science, history, other religions and other points of view. They aggressively target children and youth with marketing campaigns that rival many advertising companies. They sponsor events, activities, games and lots of free food for the opportunity to influence impressionable minds.”

The Thinking Atheist











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0 #2 Sebastian 2011-05-16 19:39
Great :) BTW. do you know me some corelation beetween age and konvertion?
here i found a german hint: pate. 179 of 383 in ethesis.unifr.ch/theses/downloads.php?file=WinterUC.pdf
+2 #1 Gary Hundertmark 2011-05-16 19:06
I like this "The Thinking Atheist" series of videos because they are positive and forward looking. Atheism is coming into maturity. - Gary

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