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Ken Dumps “Bulldozer Barbie” Over Rainforest Destruction
Written by MyMelody   
Tuesday, 07 June 2011 15:48

Ken is pissed! Well, who wouldn’t be? Ken just found out his girlfriend Barbie is bulldozing rainforests in Indonesia. Bulldozer Barbie’s actions contribute to climate change and species extinction, including the possible extinction of endangered orang-utans, tigers and elephants. All so she can save a few dollars on packaging. Tsk, tsk, Barbie!

Greenpeace launched a campaign today targeting the irresponsible actions of Barbie’s manufacturer, Mattel. Mattel has been contributing to rainforest destruction through a business relationship with Indonesia's most notorious rainforest destroyer, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). Greenpeace activists, dressed like Ken in baby blue formal wear, scaled Mattel’s 15-story HQ in Los Angeles today and dropped a 2,500 square foot banner. The banner displayed a disapproving Ken and the words, “Barbie, It’s Over. I don’t date girls that are into deforestation.” According to Greenpeace, this is the beginning of a campaign to bring awareness to Mattel’s destructive, irresponsible cost cutting measures.

“Barbie’s dirty secret is that her packaging is made from

the rain forests of Indonesia,” said Rolf Skar, senior forest campaigner for Greenpeace USA. “Mattel has shown no due diligence. It buys paper without asking where it’s coming from.”

Visit Greenpeace’s Mattel Action Page for more info and sign their petition to show support.



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