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Gov. Scott Walker of WI Pranked, Reveals Sleazy Corrupt Strategy
Written by Xenu   
Wednesday, 23 February 2011 13:17



A Buffalo blogger pranks Gov. Scott Walker doing a horrible impression of
billionaire right-wing activist David Koch. Walker falls for it and reveals
his sleazy plans.

Walker is a corrupt scumbag and a Koch sucking whore.

He's conspiring to withhold Democratic lawmakers' paychecks.

He's buddy-buddy with billionaire David Koch and refers to him as "one of
us". Walker is bought and paid for by a right wing radical concerned with
nothing other than increasing his wealth.

He plans to threaten state workers with layoffs.

Walker plans to trick Democratic Senators into coming back to simply "hear
what they have to say", then as soon as they return, push the bill through.

He considered planting fake protesters to cause trouble among the real
protesters. He's not concerned that the tactic is morally wrong, he simply
fears backlash.

Here's part two of the video;

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