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Colbert Report: Herman Cain’s Cigarette Laden Campaign Ad
Written by MyMelody   
Wednesday, 26 October 2011 12:50

Herman Cain’s Chief of Staff, Mark Block, is soooooooo cool!!! Have you see him in Cain’s new television ad? He’s the one hanging out behind the loading dock, spontaneously caught in the middle of a smoke break. Block is the guy taking a rebelliously slow, long drag on a delicious cigarette. What an asset he must be to the Cain Campaign… lol.

Did I read somewhere that Cain is leading in some national polls? Colbert launches into the ad with his signature brand of humor. "He's not shooting himself in the foot," said Colbert, responding to those who have criticized the ad, "he's shooting himself in the lungs."
 In a hilarious video montage of Colbert Report staffers, Colbert offers Cain several different ways to make the ad even more edgy. He also invites Cain, who has declined Colbert’s offer to appear twice before, a final opportunity to appear on the show and receive the coveted "Colbert bump." Colbert ends the bit with a challenge for Cain to join him in a "slow smile contest."


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