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Let Your Children Develop Their Own Damn Opinions
Written by Xenu   
Thursday, 17 February 2011 16:04

Let Your Children Develop....Their Own Opinions, please.


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0 #4 Lily 2011-02-22 07:16
theres nothing wrong with being in a cult or humanist. think i'd prefer schools etc to teach about all religions equally really so then the children wont be made to believe anything so it'll be completely their choice.
-2 #3 luis 2011-02-20 08:54
That would be good, if it wasn't that there is no guarantee that the results may be utterly undesirable: either falling in atheism or in a fanatic cult. As much as parents loath the idea, they have to educate their kids, they have to raise them. If they teach them how to eat and how to treat strangers, they should also teach them about religion or not-religion (unbelief, if you want), and values and morals and such. Even if they are bigotted, at least they are being honest giving them a point of view (which is better than no point at all, which, hermeneutically is also very unlikely...). If not, there won't be anyone to blame about what they lack but to those who didn't give them the information. If not parents, ¿Who should teach them religion? ¿The cults? ¿The "humanists"? Good grief...
+2 #2 Lily 2011-02-20 03:02
:lol: so true! in the future when I have kids I'll do my best to make sure they're able to form their own opinion about things. problem is that schools ect may teach them about christianity and they'll end up being made to believe it when they're young and impressionable. oh well.
+1 #1 Steve Flora 2011-02-19 21:03
A great one!

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