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Flag, God, Hate… GOP
Written by Xenu   
Thursday, 04 August 2011 16:01

Flag flag flag flag hate hate hate hate god god god god god.

(Source: Armchair Patriots)

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+1 #2 Jancie 2011-08-09 19:24
EFG there may be idiots on both side of the AISLE but our idiots do not wrap themselves in the flag and carry a cross to make themselves seem harmless. Camouflage may make them more benign; but as soon as they bite you, you know you have been had.
-13 #1 EFG 2011-08-07 23:03
gotta love propaganda, take 2 things that are associated in a possitive light in our soceity and throw them in a gif with the word hate. meaningless propaganda! you did it! alienating your point from the minds of the people you wish to convince. heres the news. theres idiots on both sides of the isle, you sir are proof of that fact.

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