Creationists demand "equal time"
Written by Thor   
Thursday, 27 March 2014 19:59

Here we go again. It's almost as if we could actually set our watches by this one, folks.

A group of creationists, in the typical knee-jerk reaction, are extremely upset with the science being promoted by Neil deGrasse Tyson's excellent show "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey."

In what's fast becoming a continual din of disapproval, these creationists are demanding that Tyson actually give them equal time on his show to present their views as "the real truth."

According to this article in the Huffington Post, Danny Faulkner of Answers In Genesis spent a considerable amount of time on The Janet Mefford Show, a Christian webcast, complaining about the television show, explaining that he felt that though the series described scientific theories, such as evolution, it failed miserably to allow dissenting creationist viewpoints.

It is our belief that creationists have plenty of platforms to disseminate their brand of beliefs, and there is absolutely no reason for them to infect a television series that is factual and scientific in nature, intended to give the audience the truth about the creation of our universe.

But like an army of mindless ants headed for a tossed-away crumb of food, these Creationists continue to poke and prod to get their way, making inroads into areas in which they do not belong. Not just science, but education too, and in fact every aspect of modern life.

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She's obvlously possessed
Written by Thor   
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 09:12

In what some might consider a master stroke of remote medical and/or religious diagnosis, evangelist Pat Robertson today proclaimed that a woman, who is an Atheist, must have been raped or possessed by the devil because, of course, no one would actually CHOOSE to be an Atheist, now would they?

According to this article on Alternet, a 700 Club member called in for advice on how to handle her Atheist co-worker. Should I continue proselytizing or give up and let her perish? the woman asked the sage.

"I don't know if you're dealing with something that is demonic or something that is deeply ingrained," Robertson solemnly speculated. "It's something beyond normal human experience. Something has happened and she associates god ... maybe she had an abusive father, somebody who raped her and then acted like he was preaching to her from the bible. You never know what is going on in somebody's childhood."

Robertson then advised her to remain understanding, be loving, and not try to push anything on her. And, of course, above all, pray for her.

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Godless Liberals Declare War on The War on Happy Holidays!
Written by Frank Minero   
Sunday, 15 December 2013 12:46


The ever-present Word on the Street has it that radical Christians everywhere are wasting no time in slipping on their trusty Jesus-brand Combat BootsTM, trussing up their atheist-proof Nazarine Vests (patent pending), and heavily arming themselves with only their finest religiously blessed weaponry for yet another festive and merry Yule season of fighting off the Godless hordes which they believe would change everything they feel about the holiday season.

How did it ever come to this? How did these misguided religious fundamentalists ever come to believe that there is a massive, evil Atheist conspiracy afoot, threatening the basic foundations and tenants of their beliefs? That some dark and vast Atheist Cabal (no doubt resembling the stumbling, mindless zombies of The Walking Dead) gathers each year at just about this time, in a secret and no doubt satanic location, to plot the complete demolition of Jesus as king of their holiday season, and to perhaps even munch on a few innocent yet no doubt tasty Christian babies while they're at it?

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Every Sperm Is Sacred
Written by MyMelody   
Friday, 17 May 2013 17:15

Every sperm is sacred...
Every sperm is great...
If a sperm is wasted...
God gets quite irate!


If this sort of loon were serious about granting human rights to gametes and embryos, might we see pro-lifers protest porn shops with anti-masturbation propaganda? Until then, I think it's safe to assume that the real goal is to take away our reproductive rights.

Marriage Equality in Minnesota
Written by MyMelody   
Monday, 13 May 2013 21:29

BREAKING NEWS: According to Think Progress, Minnesota just became the 12th State to legalize marriage equality!  

After a 75-59 victory in the Minnesota House of Representatives, the Senate passed the marriage equality bill 37-30. The Governor has promised to sign the bill quickly, meaning that it will take effect as soon as August first! Congratulations, Minnesota!

To keep up with further developments on this story, you might take a look at the Human Rights Campaign

In related news, Michele Bachmann (R-MN)'s head has all but exploded over this.

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